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Crag and Dale

southern and sad, but sometimes happy.

photos from a pentax k1000 & a canon t3

all original

like you’re my country // like you’re the hills where i belong
one day i’ll, someday i’ll
same old
when i was young and in my prime, i left my home in caroline
now all i do is sit and pine for all the folks i left behind
you know what? i don’t really care about the future, i care about what keeps you awake
colorado // circa may
i’m homesick. who wants to be penpals?
sometimes i hit // sometimes it robs me blind
so, i’ve made some pretty good pen pals on here before, but i need more people to write letters to, and read letters from.
this is 50 feet outside my front door. maybe i could tell you about it. just shoot me a message. i feel like we’d be good friends.
i moved